10 tips for Traveling to Nantucket with your Baby

Things are heating up and signs of spring are everywhere. It has been such a warm winter that daffodils are almost in full bloom. You know what this means right? Time to start booking your baby equipment rentals for this summer. Don't forget that if there is something that you don't see on the site we can get it for you. We purposefully stock certain brands and keep the variety to a minimum so we can keep perfect track of recall information and replace the equipment regularly. 

10 tips for Traveling to Nantucket with your Baby:
  1. The most helpful thing you can travel with is something that contains the child. For some this is a stroller, for others it means that you will wear the child. Make sure you have somewhere that you can put the child down, or have a way to have your hands free. Remember you can gate check a stroller and have it with you until the moment you board. This is an especially helpful tip if you are taking the two hour ferry to Nantucket - you will be thankful to have some mobility.

  2. Don't forget about a second set of clothes for yourself. Babies are leaky and unpredictable, and you will most likely be holding one. 

  3. If you are planning to take your car to Nantucket, be sure you have advanced auto reservations through the Steamship Authority. Make sure you are not so close, but stranded in Hyannis.

  4. Use our Diapers.com delivery service. For only $10 you can order as many boxes as you want and have them shipped directly to Nantucket Cribs, which we will then deliver to you. They can come from any vendor - we are happy to receive any deliveries for you. We are isolated, so if there is something unusual that you use or think you may need, make sure you bring it with you, or have it shipped. There are very few chain stores on the island.

  5. Don't stress. I know easy say, hard do. When I first started to travel with the kids, I would over pack and triple check. Three kids later I have learned that if I forget something I can easily get it on the road. EXCEPT FORMULA - that make sure you mail ahead or call our local Stop and Shop to make sure they carry your brand.

  6.  Book with a babysitting service such as Ack Sitters as soon as you have your dinner reservations, they fill up quickly. 

  7. Remember that some rental houses are not stocked with items like toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels etc. You may have to purchase those when you arrive. Feel free to ask about our Grocery Service, we can stock the house for you with whatever you need.

  8. Plan for rain. Most likely, not every day will be a beach day. Research rainy day activities that are fun to do with kids. Nantucket Kid can help.

  9. Call Nantucket Cribs at 508-228-5200 if you need any help planning, this is what we do, we are here to make your vacation perfect.

  10. Remember that Nantucket isn't the main land. There is no predicting high winds or cancelled ferries. Have a Plan B. This isn't as important in the summer season, but watch for hurricanes and storms in the path of the island - just in case. 

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