Nantucket Cribs, LLC is owned and operated by Sarah Ray, a long-time Nantucket resident.

Prior to the birth of her eldest daughter, Phoenix, in March 2008, Sarah worked in real estate, but after her daughter’s birth she left the industry to be a full-time mother, licensed daycare provider and baby equipment rental guru. As long as she can remember, children have been a large part of Sarah’s life. In addition to caring for her daughters and other island children, Sarah worked for several years at another baby equipment rental agency, which has since left the island.

Sarah took her extensive experience with children and children’s products, and started Nantucket Cribs, LLC. Now the owner of her own business, she is lucky to have the chance to put her ideas and expertise to use! All of Sarah’s focus is on children. It is all she does and she does it well.

Commitment to Safety

Children’s safety is of the highest importance to Sarah and Nantucket Cribs. Nantucket Cribs uses only equipment that Sarah would choose for her own children. As a parent herself, her firsthand knowledge of what products work and what products don’t work puts her above the competition.  All of the rental equipment is purchased new from the manufacturer, not at a yard sale or thrift shop. Brands do NOT vary, and the equipment is inspected weekly for safety.

Commitment to Customer Service

Third only to safety and cleanliness, Sarah’s goal is to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible.  As the mother of three young children, Sarah understands that outfitting your children is a very personal process.  She welcomes phone calls with questions or concerns and will help you to book your equipment rental personally.