Baby Travel Pros

Nantucket Cribs is a proud member of: Baby Travel Pros, a non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association, formed to unite independently owned baby equipment rental companies across the United States and Canada.

The association was founded in January 2009 after recognizing the benefits of establishing industry best practices and to provide renting families the added security of knowing member companies are committed to their child’s safety.  Although all member companies are individually owned and operated, affiliated companies demonstrate pride and commitment in providing safe, clean, high-quality baby equipment rentals.

All members operate in accordance with the following industry best practices:


  • Rental equipment should adhere to National Safety Standards, including toys.

  • Ensure rental items are in proper working condition according to the manufacturer standards.

  • Ensure rental items are delivered with owner’s manual when requested.

  • Stay informed of CPSC recalls and be on the automated email list for updates and recalls at


  • Maintain equipment to the highest level of cleanliness according to member’s state and county health department standards.

  • All car seats are purchased new and have the original manufacturer stickers on them.

  • All car seats should only be rented within their recommended use period.  No car seat should be expired.

  • All car seats are destroyed by the manufacturers expiration date.



  • Strive to be on time and accommodating to customer requests.  Arrive in a timely manner and maintain rental agreements as agreed upon.

  • The company is primarily a baby equipment rental business and is available to the general public.

  • All companies must have a valid city, state or county business license on file with the appropriate entity and available for confirmation through online or written documentation.

  • Members will not have a validated complaint on file with the Better Business Bureau.